Why pay 18% per annum on Credit Card Debt Outstanding?

Why pay 12% per annum on Personal Loan?

arrowWhy NOT 2 to 3 times lower per annum?


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From: Tim

Dear friend,

For years, I've been quietly helping a lot of people with credit card debt and practicing a simple--yet wildly effective--"Secret Creative Method" that virtually anyone can use to...

Instantly Settle All The Credit Card Debts

Even the Amount is Huge,

Long Outstanding ...

And Transform Them Into

Low Interest -- Easy Monthly Payment! 

 And... what I've discovered (and proven with countless clients)... literally... continues to blow my mind, time and time again!

     Now, this might not make me the most popular guy for saying this, but I honestly believe that you don't need to go through years and years of ...

Save as much $$$ as you can...
          -Thinking "positive" thoughts
          -Trying to "paying it" more
          -Setting goal... after goal... after goal... after goal...
          -Assuming that "massive action" will solve everything
          -Working harder...

Listen to what they said.....


what are people saying

Thank you Mr Tim, at first when I got your web site, I thought it was a kind of scam or..., but due to my existing financial serious problem, I gave it a try. I was owing credit card debt of RM43,000 with EON, RM25,000 with RHB and RM40,000 with MBB. Every month I used to pay minimum payment of 5% which was RM5,400 but seems like the repayment could not finish due to every month BANK add back the 1.5% interest and sometime late payment interest of 1% over the OUTSTANDING amount. It had been a nightmare for years.

After your kind advise and creative method, now I only have to pay back TOTAL approximately RM3,750 (each bank approximately RM1250).
This is a huge drop of about 30% LOWER my monthly payment (RM5,400-30%=RM3,750) OR about 43% SAVING (RM3,750+43%=RM5,400).
The BEST thing is the repayment period has reduced to only 36 months (3 years) which earlier it seems impossible to me.
Now monthly I have extra RM1,620 for saving. My family and I would like to thank you again.
Mr Tim, without your "Superb Secret Method", I and my family would have still suffering from monthly heavy endless repayment.
Today, we would like to advise all the credit card debt ower, don't let the monthly repayment pressure bring you down, out there still have solutions will be able to bring you thru this financial difficult period like Mr Tim.
                                                                                         Bernard & Family

what are people saying

En Tim, Terima kasih banyak atas penyelesaian yand ditunjukan. Sekarang dapat saya menyelesaikan masalah pembayaran hutang kad kredit dari bayaran minima bulanan RM350~RM420 selama 5~6 tahun kepada RM250 selama 3 tahun.

Setiap bulanan dapat saya jimat RM100~RM170, 36 bulan dapat saya jimat lebih kurang RM3,600~RM6,120.
Sekarang saya tidak perlu bimbang pembayaran bulanan yang berat dan saya akan ambil ini sebagai pengajaran supaya tidak akan melebihi menggunakan kad kredit yang akibatnya akan tanggung "interest" yang berat.
Nasib baik ada Mr Tim "secret solution" dan saya tidak akan berulang lagi.
Jika masa depan ada masalah seperti ini lagi, saya mesti cari kamu lagi. Terima Kasih.....Terima Kasih....
                                                                                            Ahmad Nuri
                                                                                            (Shah Alam)

what are people saying

Thank you Mr Tim, before got to know your solution, I was owing 8 credit card debts with the total amount of  RM35,000.

I used to balance transfered from one bank to another but till the end, the limit was burst. I even got "cash on call" and "personal loan" from some banks.
At first I thought I'll be able to settle all the debts by segregate out the monthly repayment BUT some emergency happened. I was not able to pay RM1,350 monthly for 3 years, I was stuck.
Thru a recommendation by friend, I came to see Mr Tim with all my statements, after a free consultation and guidance, now I only have to pay RM1,000 monthly (average about RM125 to each bank).
Thanks Mr Tim, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend it to all the credit card debt ower out there. Do contact Mr Tim, he will do his best to recommend you the best solution to solve your card debts.
                                                                                         Chris Yong
                                                                                          (Petaling Jaya)

what are people saying

I am a businessman, i don't owe bank much and I don't save much at bank. Most of my saving are put into investments. I have a well balance diversification of port-folio from Unit Trust, Stock Trading, Forex, Option Trading, Property, Insurance, Trading Business, Recurring Business....

Thru a friend introduced, I got to know Mr Tim at a friend gathering. He was discussed about "how to do business WITHOUT your own money".....I was curious, till the end of his speach, I was very exited and follow his method the next day.
I cashed out RM100,000 (with 4 cards combined). I repay back to bank RM1,7xx monthly for 36 months and RM1,3xx for 48 months respectively.
Interesting is, I invested this money into my recurring business and made back total capital plus interest within 6 months.
Expecting with the time period of 36 months and 48 months, I would have made 6 to 8 times my investment capital without spending a single cent.
Thank you Mr Tim by sharing this secret and now I am even more cash rich than before to do any business.
                                                                                         (Shah Alam)

what are people saying

My name is Pong, I am a motorbike trader. I sell all kind of motorbikes in Cash or Installment. Business is getting slow down due to world wide economy slow down and most of the customer prefered not to pay cash and choose installment plan. It is ok for me and I have to arrange with the local finance company to provide such facilities to customers. Most of them can get approved BUT there are some amout of customer cannot get finance loan due to working background and other reasons....

Till one day I saw Mr Tim website, it stright my mind. I contacted Mr Tim and asked his opinion. The idea is great. Now I am able to sell  most of my motorbikes to customer by cash and the group with financial loan problem also able  to get their motorbikes with monthly installment with bank for up to 5 years.
Thank you Mr Tim for your kind sharing. With this economy down turn, I am still able to get thru it. Thank You! Thank You! Mr Tim, God bless you.
                                                                                     Pong & Partners
                                                                                     (Klang Valley)

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